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will defend his health care law. verizon said it was doing maintenance on the system. there was a similar halt on sunday. we'll have more on these stories in just a few minutes. >>> but first, the rest of today's agenda, earnings central will be hearing from general motors, nbc parent comcast, chrysler, corning and sodastream, all before the bell. this afternoon, we have visa, facebook, comcast, kraft foods and many others. on the economic front, the fed wraps up a two-day fomc meeting in washington. this is a policy announcement set tore 2:00 p.m. eastern today. the central bank is expected to maintain its massive bond buying campaign. fed watchers say ben bernanke and company may point to softer readings on the economy to signal that the policy will be extended into next year. >>> as for the other items on today's economic agenda, the october adp employment report is going to be released at 8:15 eastern time. it's expected to show 150,000 private jobs were added this month. the whisper number, though, is below that. we'll see what happens. coming up at 8:30 eastern time, we have the septembe
that they pass. some of the ocsea laws don't apply -- >> it was weird that grassley introduced it to try to put the heat on his democratic colleagues to have them have to do it. now all of his people have to do it. >> we'll see where the rest of these stories come down. also, though, we should tell you about the treasury department announcing americans who use flexible spending accounts for heths care costs may now be able to carry up to $500 of expiring money into the next year. traditionally, if you had an fsa, you faced a use it or lose it deadline of december 3 e. this was your money. you could put up to $2,500 aside. if you didn't lose it, though, you lost that money. >> this is a big deal. >> for 500 bucks. >> yes. there's people all over the country losing this money regularly. the big question becomes companies like wage works and others -- >> wageworks stinks. >> that administer these programs, the money for them is in taking the -- is in the money that you don't use. >> i know. i don't do this any more. wage works is a terrible program. i don't do it any more because they try and go a
their existing policies don't meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. one number predicts the number could reach as high at 18% for those new people. many will experience the sticker shock. the white house is pushing back on this report. a white house press equity is tweeting that the nbc scoop, in parentheses sites normal turnover in the individual insurance market that's a, new new, b, not caused by the aca, and c, the problem aca will solve. lisa myers broke this story and will join us at 7:00 eastern with more. >> that is misleading, the response to it. because they were going to grandfather initially people that were in certain plans and then the rules were tightened by hhs to where the grandfather wouldn't count for anyone who had a change in policy. and they change every rear. >> and by the way, insurance policies change frequently. >> and the men you change it, you're not grandfathered. >> they can change the deductible by $ 00 and your insurance plan would no longer qualify. and barack obama, when i was campaigning on this was saying if you like your plan, you can
their minds. that is a bad new for the government. confidence in the new health care law, this is really bad for the president. less confident, 40% of americans now say they are less confidence in the health care law. that is attributable to this botched rollout. it hasn't even captured some of the most recent bad news data that we've had here in the headlines now that we're up to october 31st. also republicans not fairing very well in this at all, either. and this is sort of a hangover here from the government shutdown. view of the republican party very positive, just 6%. negative and very negative, 23% and 30%. that's a 53% negative rating for the republican party. so it's really a pox on all your houses here in washington, d.c. bad poll numbers for just about everybody. but for the president, this is a bad one, 42% approval. now it's also true that his personal favorbility, that's up and down. that's something that the president has been able to rely on. now we're starting to see that number slipping, as well. and 70% ooh americans say the country is simply on the wrong track. that is a b
with us. that's foreign tax laws. >> ours is 35% here. >> if you want to look at what they paid, i wouldn't include foreign. i'd love to see what they pay to the u.s. and other nations. >> they don't pay stuff to the u.s. because we're -- but we're induced to move our operations over there. >> i would like to see the breakdown between what they're paying here -- >> obviously they pay less on average in foreign countries but the total that they pay us -- >> means they pay above 35% here in the united states. >> right. >> i would love to see the breakdown. >> see what i mean? >> like -- >> but they can't be competitive. they can't be competitive with the rest of the world until we pay -- >> i think that is a smart study, 2004 to 2010 to see what they were paying. >> wouldn't do any good to look at what they were paying in the united states. >> sthant what the 2010 mums are? just the u.s.? >> look, the 35% plus is what you're paying on earnings. >> right. >> the rest of the world is not paying 35% plus. >> i would like to compare apples to apples. >> if it comes out above 35% with lower -- >
and mischaraterized the nsa. this is definitive. unless they're lying, the nsa follows all of the laws, regulations and policies and assertions do a grave disservice to the nation, its allies and partners and the money who make up the nsa. >> i was in the antisnowden camp but something i read yesterday in "the new york times" gives me a little bit of pause. they pointed out that the nsa has 35,000 people working for it. it has a budget of $10.8 billion. at this point they are collecting so much information. >> no morsel is too small? >> yeah. it's a little staggering when it used to be you would do whatever you can when the agency first started. you would do whatever you can. technologically they can do anything and there aren't questions. >> i remember why you take it at face value what the nsa is saying. the fact that they're collecting 320 million or 320,000 -- >> i take it at face value because i don't care what they're finding out. right, if i do something wrong, then i'll worry about it. but i'm not smuggling meth, i'm not walter white. >> the bigger issue is if you have somebody who's gettin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6